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Nepalese Hiring Guidelines, simplified

There are strict rules and guidelines in hiring Nepalese for overseas employment. Government of Nepal’s implementing administrative body which carries out these rules is the Department of Foreign Employment. Regulation requires that any recruitment activity in Nepal intended for overseas employment must pass through the “approval” of the Department of Foreign Employment. Without its approval, any overseas recruitment here in Nepal shall be illegal. To explain the legalities will be a lengthy process. Our effort to educate prospecting employers will be concentrated in the legalities required in hiring through a Department of Foreign Employment-licensed Nepalese Recruitment Agency.



This is a standard set of documents comprising of the following:

A) Demand Letter

Used synonymously with the terms Job Order and Demand Letter, this document summarizes among other things, the positions, quantity required, qualification, salary offer, and employment terms and conditions proposed by the Employer.

B) Power of Attorney

This document gives Omega International Pvt. Ltd. the AUTHORITY to recruit in behalf of the overseas Employer. In other words, the employers give our company the power of attorney to act / recruit to make recruitment of the manpower the employer needs to hire from Nepal.

C) Guarantee Letter

This letter the letter where Employers assure that the worker(s) will not be asked to work in the company other than the specified one in the Demand Letter and will not be sent out of the promised country even if the company is multinational and also the assurances of safety and security of female workers.

D) Recruitment Service Agreement

Used synonymously with the term Memorandum of Agreement, this document stipulates the working terms and conditions between the Employer and Omega International Pvt. Ltd.

E) Standard Employment Contract

This is the Employment Contract that stipulates all terms and conditions including but not limited to Salary, overtime-pay, medical and health insurance, vacation leaves among other things.

F) Attachments

Aside from the four documents just mentioned above, the following additional documents are required:

  1. Photocopy of the Employer’s Passport
  2. Copy of Business License of the Employing Company.
  3. Copy of Labour Quota Approval (in case of Embassy’s request)
  4. Copy of Recruiting License of Omega International Pvt. Ltd. issued by Government of Nepal.



This process entails the employer to hand carry all the job order mentioned in the above and present them to the Embassy of Nepal in their country (after get it attested from respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry), care of our resident First Secretary / Labor Attaché, nearest to the Employer’s intended job site. In this process, our Labor Attaché shall make “verification” of the terms and conditions of the intended job hiring and the stipulations therein to ensure that employer’s employment terms and conditions are in accordance with Department of Foreign Employment rules and regulation. Once approved, your job order is considered ‘VERIFIED”



Once verified by our Labor Attaché, the last thing the employer needs to do is to send the original “Verified Job Order” to our company through courier services like Aramex, FedEx or DHL. Upon receipt, we shall submit this to Department of Foreign Employment in Nepal for ACCREDITATION. Once accredited, your JOB ORDER shall become registered with Department of Foreign Employment and all formal recruitment activities and eventual deployment of selected candidates shall commence from this point onwards.

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