Recruitment Process

Recruitment, selection and placement of quality staff has been a major part of Omega International Pvt. Ltd’s dedicated and professional services since its inception. The skill shortage worldwide has created such a demand for Omega International Pvt. Ltd.’s recruitment services. Omega International Pvt. Ltd. assists International Employers in selecting the right people required for their project.. We assist job seekers who want to work abroad. For job seekers we provide a friendly, personal and totally professional approach to their search process – the level of which can be difficult to match by other recruitment agencies. In this regard we are uniquely positioned to help short-listed offshore candidates to interview with foreign companies, deal with settlement issues and prepare for the cultural and lifestyle differences that may exist between their home country and living down under.



In order to select the best possible candidate for various industries, we follow the following procedure:

Step 1

Recruitment Requisition:

Understand our Client's requirements. Actively listen to clients and identify of the vacancies that are required to be fulfilled.


Step 2

Demand Letter Processing:

To be processed by Client. Client needs to attest Demand Letter Set from related Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Nepal.


Step 3


Nationwide Newspapers, regional FM Radio Station, Sub-agents, Email / Phone Call to the candidates from our existing database etc.


Step 4


By Omega representative or representative from Training Institute (for technical categories). Identify candidates’ talents, abilities, strengths and untapped potential. Screen and perform detailed interviews of qualified candidates. Conduct practical evaluations and testing’s of skills set.


Step 5

Final Interview:

To be done by Representative of Employing Company via Skype, Direct Visit to Nepal or CV selection as per the Employing Company’s standard. In case if the Client lacks time to screen the candidates we take care of all the selection and send the qualified candidates CVs and documents to clients. Provide linkage between client and candidates when necessary.


Step 6

Offer Letter and Selection List:

To be sent by Employer immediately after the Final Interview.


Step 7

Medical Test:

To be done by Ajeets Global Recruitment for selected candidates.


Step 8

Arrangement of Document required of Visa Process:

To be done by Omega International. Once the offer letter received, Omega International sends the Offer Letter back with Signature of candidates, Fit Medical Report, Copy of Passport Page, Passport Size Photo & other necessary documents required for the visa process.


Step 9

Visa/Work Permit Process:

To be processed by Client in host country after receiving signed offer letter of candidates. Visa Stamping to be arranged by Ajeets in case of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etc. at nearest host country embassy.


Step 10

Pre-Departure Orientation:

To be done by Omega International for the visa released candidates.


Step 11

Final Foreign Employment Permit by Nepal Government:

Once the visa is received, the original passport to be submitted in Labour Department along with copy of Visa, Valid Medical Fit Report, Orientation Certificate etc. The candidates are only allowed to leave the country after getting the foreign employment pass, for which the details visa like; Name of the Candidate, PP Number, Designation, Employing Company’s Name, etc must match with the Demand Letter


Step 12

Deployment and Airport Pickup:

Employing Company should pick up the workers deployed by Omega International from the airport and take them to working place. Employer should brief the workers about working place, rule and regulations of company, duties and necessary training (if required by company policy).


Step 13

After-Placement Support Services:

Counsel employees and provide dispute management services. Communicate regularly with Clients’ HR Manager’s after placement to understand candidates’ work performances and how candidates can improve to better their contributions.


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